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        As a prestigious educational and research institution, Khanqah Emadia Library has a very prominent and reputed name. It was established in 1103 AH (1691 AD) by Hazrat Sayyed Shah Burhanuddin alias Lal Mian Rahmatullah Alaih, the father of Hazrat Khwaja Emaduddin Qalandar. He was an embodiment of exemplary characteristics. He had deep knowledge of all matters – religious and spiritual. He had a very good collection of books. When he came to know about the return of his son Hazrat Emaduddin rahmatullah alaih after completing the studies, he gave his entire personal collection of books and added some more and thus a valuable library came into effect. Hazrat Emad made his own contribution of books - particularly on Sufism and Humanities. Hazrat Shah Ghulam Naqshband Sajjad added more books during his time, on Etiquette, Devotion, Prayers, Arts, Culture and Literature since he was deeply interested in all these aspects of life. Likewise another Sajjada Nasheen Hazrat Shah Noorul Haque Tapaan was a great poet and an expert on art of spiritual cure and metaphysical aspects. He added books on these topics in the library. Hazrat Shah Zahoorul Haque who was expert on the Science of Hadith contributed books on this important subject in the library.

       Thus Emadia Library remained a great sanctuary and treasure-house of every Sajjada Nasheen of the Khanqah who according to their respective fields of expertise made valuable contributions. Apart from 5000 published books, this library has some rare manuscripts too. The oldest book in the library is Sharah Fasoosul Hekam written by Mulla Abdul Rahman Jami. This book belongs to the period when its author was alive. In addition to the books and manuscripts, there are large numbers of weekly .monthly, and quarterly journals. Library also stores many valuable correspondences to and from different Sajjada Nasheen of Khanqah.

        The IXth  Sajjada of Khanqah, Hazrat Shah Faridul Haque Emadi Rahmatullah Alaih served this library in a big way. Due to big increase in number of books, the old library facility had become small and had also become dilapidated. He constructed a new building and provided steel almirahs. He made special arrangement for the binding of the books that were torn and tried to properly catalog the books. Unfortunately due to his poor health and several heart attacks, this work could not be completed during his life time. Many research scholars have derived immense benefits from this library and many more still continue to do so.

        Additional information about this library may be obtained from present Sajjada Nasheen of Khanqah Emadia, Hazrat Maulana Sayyed Shah Misbahul Haque Emadi and his uncle Hazrat Syed Shah Mateenul Haque Emadi (a respected Urdu poet and writer) by sending an email using the address

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