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Brief History of Khanquah Emadia Qalandaria

Every Tariqa (spiritual order) and Silsila (spiritual lineage) has its own syllabus for its adherents. Emadia-Qalandaria Silsila also has its special course to be followed by its devotees. 

There are special Wird (Litany) prescribed for different occasions and purpose. 

1. Durood( Blessings on the Holy Prophet):


Recite this Darud Shareef 1,25,000 times within a span of Forty (40) days â€" also known as Chilla. Thereafter, recite it everyday fixing your own limit. While reciting for the chillah (40 days), you must recite it in a sitting position with proper ablution (Wadâ'u). Note: The recitation should not be made while lying down. Also it should not be made in unclean state or without ablution.

 2. After every Fardh Namaz (mandatory daily prayers) recite (ایاک نعبد و ایاک نستعین ) (E'Yaaka Na' budu wa E'yaaka Nastayeen) 25 times. 

Note: The recitation should be made from your memory and while reciting the breath should be temporarily stopped and controlled.. 

3. After waking up in the morning recite   يا عزيز (Ya Azizo) 41 times, ياشکور (Ya Shakooro) 41 times and  يا قادر (ya Quadiro) 41 times. 

4. Recite and repeat Astaghfaar between Fajr's Sunnah and Fardh prayers fixing a suitable limit. 

5. After Sunnah and Nafl of Maghrib Namaaz pray 6 (six) rakaah of Salatul Awwabeen, in every rakaah recite Surah Ikhlas 3 times after Surah e fateha,

 6. Recite Astaghfar 100 times before sleeping. 

7. To get your desired wishes fulfilled: If any one recites Surah Maau’n 41 times every day he and his family will Insha Allah be free from poverty and get his desires fulfilled. 

8. To come out of difficulties :

 a) :According to saint Hazrat Khwaja Kark (RA) reciting the following Persian couplet 1000 times in a lonely place in dark night for three consecutive nights. 

b) According to Hazrat Syed Shah Nurul Haque Tapan (RA) as described in his book “Tabligul Haajaat” , the following Persian Quartrain (Ruba’i) written by his son Hazrat Syed Shah Zahoor ul Haque (Rh) is effective for relieving grief. 

Permission is being granted to recite these Wazifaas by Hazrat Misbahul Haque Emadi, Sajjadanashin.

For further Wazifaas( Various daily recitation packages) please contact Hazrat Sajjadanashin at

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