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Roohani Taleem o Tarbiyat

On every Friday Sajjada Nasheen of Khanquah Emadia Qalandaria Rayeesul Mashaikh Syed Shah Misbahul Haque Emadi gives spiritual preaching to some selected people in his khanquah and guide them about meditation, zikr, spiritual definitions and sufism etc.

On special request by many people Huzur Qibla Rayeesul Mashayekh finally agreed to start a special course on this spiritual education which will be uploaded on youtube (Named Rooahni Talimat so that people from all over the world can learn it more easily.

Keep visiting our website for new updates, Kindly spread the message to all those who are interested in spirituality

Insha Allah We will upload the next Bayaan (Part 7) very soon.

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