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The Government,
Republic of the Union of Myanmar,

Sub. : Memorandum towards the atrocities against the Rohingyas of Myanmar.

I, protest against the violence and ethnic cleansing of the Rohingyas residents of Myanmar. The ruthless killings, rape and genocide of these religious minorities by the people who themselves are in minority in various nations of the world, need to condemned in strong words.

I denounce the acts of violence in Myanmar and raise our voice strongly against the ethnic cleansing of Rohingyan minorities. I condemn the dastardly acts by the majority people and the army of Myanmar. I am strongly criticize of the Burmeese government for persuing a policy butchery, rape and rapine in which innocent men and woman and angelic children are brutalised. I also appeal to the International Body and the Government of Myanmar to stop the acts of violence against Rohingyas immediately and try to solve the issue of citizenship so that the Rohingyas may get a chance to live like normal humans.